Andrew and Eda

Save the Date

The date is Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 5:30PM

How We Met

Our first interaction was at church. It was funny how it happened because one of our mutual friends was joking about who would marry who and started pairing a bunch of random people together. He then said that Andrew and I would get married, but Andrew seemed weirded out by his comment and continued on with his conversation. A few weeks later Andrew noticed me at a Young Single Adult Family Home Evening activity at church and asked another one of our mutual friends who I was. Throughout the next few days, he sneakily tried to find out more about me without being too obvious of his interest. We officially met each other at an end of summer barbecue by our same mutual friend, who wanted to set us up on a double date. Our friend had set the date a few weeks in advance so in the meantime, I tried to get to know him and talk to him at other church activities, but he was so shy he didn't really carry on with conversations. He finally built up enough courage to talk to me in a safe space so it was less intimidating….Instagram DM! We talked a few times on there until we finally exchanged numbers. Andrew likes to tell people that I left him on read for days before he found another opportunity to talk to me again. I was a little nervous about our date because he didn't talk much or even seem very interested. I contemplated catching a ride with our friends, that we were going on a double date with, but last minute I decided to let Andrew pick me up. It was ultimately the best decision I made because we had an interesting first date. We didn't get to have much of a conversation because our friend took over the date. It was rough, but thankfully we had the car ride to talk and get to know each other. At the end of the date, Andrew decided to be bold and make sure I knew he wasn't playing around and didn't hesitate to ask for a second date. I was instantly intrigued and decided to give him a second date! The rest is history!